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leap-cover-2009.JPGThe LEAP Notebook (the LifeCourse Effective Action Program)

This is the central volume of our publications and programs. The LEAP NoteBook is thorough and exhaustive, with hundreds of specific ways to explore, understand, and revise ten LifeCourse Patterns:
(1) Background - Family influences already present at your birth, from genetics to family attitudes (religion, politics, education), to family motto and prejudices, to its unique "atmosphere.")
(2) Beginning - Roles your parents played in your childhood home that you play in your own today: mother/father, husband/wife, male/female, provioder of emotions and necessities, etc.)
(3) Basic - Sibling positions: numerical placement (first, second/middle, last, only) and psycho-social placement, including sex, comparisons, "ghost sibing," leader/follower, etc.)
(4) Boyhood/Girlhood - Childhood experiences: play, friends, stories, dreams, nightmares, favorites (stories, TV, movies, books), six specific events, much more!)
(5) Belonging - Six ways to feel significant to others by seeking Affection, Attention, Approval, Control, Fasirness, and Help, and feelings of encouragemenbt when you succeed and discouragement when you fail.
(6) Behaving - The Event-Belief-Response-Cycle by which you perceive everything that happens to you, create meanings and Beliefs about what you perceive, and how you then behave based on those Beliefs by thinking, feeling, and doing something.
(7) Believing - Your core ideas about Self, Love, Others, Work, World, and Mystery. The fundamentals of who you are!)
(8) Bewildering Ways you go astray by continuing three mistaken ways from childhood: Self-defeating behaviors, Private Logic, and your Mistaken MIssion in life.
(9) Being - Ideal mental images of your Self (you as perfect!), and of others: Partner, parents, children, job, friends, more.
(10) Becoming - Methods you used as a child to manage your life as you tried to become the person you believed yourself to be. Theser are methods you continue to use today to set and seek goals, solve problems, relate to others, handle a crisis,  etc.
Master Action Pattern (MAP) summarizes ALL your Patterns as one, unified set of life-maps.
Practice Task: Here you apply what you learn each session to a specific, current problem, question, or decision in your life right now. This is the "counseling" part of LEAP On-Line.
Two Appendices: Biography of Dr. Alfred Adler, and 50 Adlerian concepts defined.

300 8.5" x 11" pages in a large loose-leaf binder. Includes all the material needed by individuals or couples to complete the LifeCourse Effective Action Program. Includes introductory/preparatory material, sections on the ten LifeCourse Patterns, a detailed section on the Master Action Pattern( MAP), and appendices on (1) Dr. Alfred Adler and on (2) more than fifty Adlerian concepts defined and illustrated.

$50 + $5 P/H = $55 each

ClergyBook-1.jpgAdlerian Psychology for Clergy

142 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", plastic-comb bound. Adler’s psychology was adopted as early as the 1920s by clergy of all faiths to guide their pastoral counseling. This book includes: Adler, his concepts, and his approach to psychotherapy and counseling. Eleven sections help the pastor understand and use Adler’s approach to helping. In addition, LEAP is explained with suggestions for use by clergy and lay leaders of religious organizations in such areas as preaching, pastoral calling, parish leadership, etc. A nice gift for your favorite clergy-person.

$20 plus $5 P/H = $25 each

LeaderManual-1.jpgThe LEAP Leader Manual

80 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", plastic-comb bound. Provides a way for anyone to lead a LEAP workshop or class with the LEAP Notebook. Includes detailed suggestions for how to organize a LEAP group, how to lead LEAP, the LEAP material, how and why to help participants develop a Practice Task to use in exploring their LifeCourse Patterns, and chapters on each of the Patterns with explicit ways to help groups members explore their Patterns.

$15 + $3 P/H. = $18 each

SearchForSignif-1.jpgThe Search for Significance: Dr. Alfred Adler’s Individual  Psychology for Everyone

156 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", plastic-comb bound. A text on Dr. Alfred Adler's life, ideas, and relevance for 21st century life. Used in undergraduate and graduate psychology programs various places in the US and Canada, and plain enough for any reader to understand and use in daily living.

$20 plus $5 P/H = $25 each

/Couples_1.jpg LEAP for Couples

44 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", plastic-comb bound. For couples using LEAP for counseling, pre-marital preparation, or marital enrichment, in conjunction with the LifeCourse Effective Action Program. Requires two copies of this manual and a copy of the LEAP Notebook for each partner (as well as copies of each for the professional leader).

$5 plus $1 P/H, = $6 each

YOU-NewAnd.JPGYOU: New and Improved!

This text version of the LEAP NoteBook comes with a CD of added material, including a 120-page LogBook for notes and organizing your thoughts. Print, add more pages as needed. The CD also includes a biography of Dr. Alfred Adler and definitions of more than 50 Adlerian concepts. All items are in both *.doc and *.docx (MSWindows) formats. A revision of the LEAP NoteBook for "bedside" readers who want to use LEAP as a self-help program by reading and thinking about each Pattern.

$30 plus $5 P/H = $35 each

Changing Course: New Directions for the Journey of Life

160 pages, 8.5" x 11." This is our first book on Adlerian ideas for those who seek new directions in their lives. It is unashamedly "self-help." There are twenty-five chapters in three parts:

Setting Course (10 chapters on how we become who we are).
Charting Course (3 ways to examine who you are, including a detailed Adlerian Life Style Analysis).
Changing Course (11 chapters with more than 200 methods and techniques for greater happiness and effectiveness).
Three appendices: I: Adler and concepts; II:
Three other counseling approaches; III: References.

$20 plus $3 P/H = $23 each                                           (Very few copies of this book are left)

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