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This is the web site of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP). Main offices are located in Hershey, PA. This web site will put you in touch with our organization and some people who can answer any questions you may have about Adlerian psychology. The society has a number of sub-divisions for special interests (Adler and education, counseling, research, etc.). It holds an annual conference each summer. It publishes both a quarterly journal and a bi-monthly newsletter, as well as an annual membership book.
This is the web site (under construction!) of the New England Community of Adlerian Psychology (NECAP) which became an affiliate of NASAP (above) in December, 2008.
This is the web site of Henry Stein, Ph.D., which (with this one) is the major source of basic information about Adler's ideas and counseling approach. You will most definitely want to check out his web site, which says . . .

Henry T. Stein, Ph.D. is a Classical Adlerian psychotherapist, training analyst, and director of the Alfred Adler Institutes of San Francisco and Northwestern Washington. He studied with Sophia de Vries and Anthony Bruck who were trained by Alfred Adler. For more than thirty years he has been training psychotherapists with an approach based on the original teachings and therapeutic style of Alfred Adler, as well as the clinical and philosophical writings of other Classical Adlerians: Kurt Adler, Lydia Sicher, Alexander Mueller, Anthony Bruck, Erwin Wexberg, and Alexander Neuer. His own contributions to Classical Adlerian clinical practice include a comprehensive adaptations of the Socratic method and a thorough exposition of the twelve stages of psychotherapy. Since 1993 he has been managing The Adlerian Translation Project which is dedicated to translating and publishing The Collected Works of Alfred Adler and the unpublished writings of other Classical Adlerians. His specialties include individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, family therapy, marathon group therapy, and career assessment.

About training in classical Adlerian therapy, Dr. Stein says:

Classical Adlerian depth psychotherapy liberates the individual from the limits of an archaic style of life and fictional final goal, thus changing the core personality. This challenging for of psychotherapy recognizes the therapist as an artist, not a mere technician. Consequently, training takes time and commitment; the necessary knowledge and skill cannot be learned in a series of workshops. Part of the comprehensive training includes a personal study-analysis with a senior Classical Adlerian training analyst, an essential experience often overlooked in many [training] programs. Our distance-training program offers clinical, professional training, leading to certification. Fully certified Classical Adlerian depth psychotherapists [training by Stein] are currently located in Bellingham, WA; San Francisco, Berkeley, and Redwood City, CA; and New York.

We believe the LifeCourse Institute presents Adlerian psychology and ideas as "traditional" (if not necessarily "classical" in Dr. Stein's terms) based on Adler's own writings from 1902 (when he joined Freud) to 1937 (when he died). Although Adler started out helping Freud to seek psychological treatments for the neuroses, when he formed Individual Psychology he left behind much of the "psychodynamic" approach. And although a medical doctor, Adler came to follow more of an "educational" than a "medical" model. So then, we are not interested in changing Adler's ideas just to fit issues that were not so prominent in his time, nor to make his ideas "politically correct." In many ways he was bound by his time, and in many other ways he was outside or ahead of his time. He must have done something right, since nearly all of the therapies developed since his time are so evidently influenced by him. When confronted by some outmoded idea his father had put forward, his son, Kurt Adler (a major "classical" Adlerian) was said to remark, "That's something about which my father was wrong." So while Adler may have been a man of his time, the LifeCourse Institute tries to let Adler be Adler, with ideas that are good for all time, let people know them, and (as Adler would have wanted, I think!) make up their own minds.
This site appears to be managed by Dr. Lillian Beattie to promote Adler and Adlerian publications, conduct workshops and therapy in England. Similar to the LifeCourse Institute perhaps.

My father Dr Neil Beattie met Alfred Adler in the early 1930's. He found in his philosophy and teaching, ideas which he felt had a profound and practical relevance to everyday life. After spending his life talking about and spreading these ideas and this philosophy, he wanted to provide a facility which could offer continuing and on-going training using the Adlerian Model. Over the past twenty years as we have sought to develop the work that was so much a part of my late father's life, we have begun to publish new Adlerian material. We have concentrated on making the material accessible both in price and in content.

The aims of Adlerian Workshops and Publications are to increase the variety of publications that we are able to stock and to offer training opportunities at all levels.I have witnessed the difference that Individual Psychology has made to many of our students and have seen them at the end of this process working out in the community. Many of our new students come directly from personal recommendation or from seeing Individual Psychology in action. Individual Psychology is not the only available tool towards a better understanding of everyday life but I believe it is worth a second look.

Dr Lillian Beattie
Speaking of England...This web site is the Adlerian "Association formed to promote the the Understanding and Application of Adlerian Psychology and Adlerian Counseling within the United Kingdom" similar to NASAP in North America (but formed earlier under the influence of Dr. Alfred Adler himself). They conduct training, counseling, conferences, etc.  Here's a little history; note that the Dr. Neil Beattie mentioned above as the father of Dr. Lillian Beattie:

The first contact that Alfred Adler had with the United Kingdom was in Oxford, where in 1923 he attended the seventh International Congress of Psychology and gave a lecture in German on Individual psychology. He returned to Oxford University in 1926 before his first visit to the USA, and again in 1936. Soon after his first visit, a group was formed in London called 'the Gower Street Club of Individual Psychology', which later became known as 'the Adler Society'. Unfortunately this society became tainted with political bias and between 1928 and 1930 its medical members broke away and formed the Medical Society for Individual Psychology. Adler made a special visit to London in 1931 and removed his name from the former 'Adler Society'. Thanks to the Medical Society and its association with the International Society (now the Association) for Individual Psychology, the Adlerian movement in Great Britain continued to develop. Later on a new group started in London with Adler as its President.

Not long afterwards, on May 28, 1937, Adler died in Aberdeen while on a lecture tour. His daughter Alexandra succeeded him as President. After the war and protracted discussions to find possible ways forward, a new society was eventually formed in the summer of 1952, with Dr Neil Beattie as its Chairman. This was 'the Adlerian Society of Great Britain', now known as the Adlerian Society (of the United Kingdom) and Institute for Individual Psychology (ASIIP).
The link for the Adler Graduate School, located in Richfield, Minnesota.

The Adler Graduate School has a distinguished history in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Through the encouragement and support of internationally known psychiatrist Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, the institution was initially founded in 1967 as the Minnesota Adlerian Society. It began in the Twin Cities as a small movement to present Adlerian concepts to the regional community. Among its initial founders were Bob Bartholow, Susan Pye Brokow,Bill and Mim Pew, and BobWillhite. They worked directly under Dreikurs' tutelage.

By 1969, the new Society experienced broad public exposure, broad participation, and enthusiastic volunteerism. Programs were offered to individuals, couples, and families at numerous locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul . Concurrently, an Adlerian teaching institute was created as part of the Society. This was started by a group of professionals dedicated to teaching the practice of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology.

In May 1969, the Institute was separately chartered as the Alfred Adler Institute of Minnesota (AAIM). In 1982, AAIM began a cooperative program with its sister institution, The Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago . AAIM was first independently accredited in 1991 as a full fledged graduate school offering various paths of study toward the Master of Arts degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy.

In July 1998, the Institute formally changed its name to the Alfred Adler Graduate School (AAGS) and to the Adler Graduate School (AGS) in 2004. Today, in addition to the Master of Arts in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy, the Adler Graduate School offers various certificate and other special study programs. It is a well-respected graduate institution educating and training mental health practitioners. At its core remains the Adlerian philosophy of encouragement, open-mindedness, and mutual support to advance the public interest.
The web site of the Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, Illinois.

For over 50 years the Adler School has been providing quality education on a Scholar/Practitioner model. The Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association (HLC/NCA) regionally accredits the Adler School; additionally, our doctoral program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA)*. Turning out socially responsible graduates, Adler Alumni are practicing throughout the world.

For more links, I suggest that you conduct your own Google search, using either "Adler" or "Adlerian," following which you will get several hundred "hits," including all the official (and some unofficial) Adlerian organizations and associations. Good luck!
This is the web site of the Adlerian Society in Uruguay. We have articles on their section called "Adlerians Today." Look us up, look them up. (They sponsor an annual conference in Montevideo.)
A wonderful web site featuring some top Adlerians. Please, check them out! Their home page defines their goals:

Our mission is to provide: Forums for discussion about Adlerian theory and practice; A source for Adlerian references in the professional literature; and A place for both professionals and non-professionals to learn more about Alfred Adler, his history, and his ideas about human nature.

email:      Phone: 860-345-3204      Mail: LifeCourse, 3 Mario Drive, Higganum, CT 06441

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